Coaching Programs

Launch Pad Session

The first coaching session is a 90 minute exploration to assess where you are with your life and where you want to go. It gives you a chance to find out what coaching is like and for you to decide if I might be the right coach for you. We will briefly look at all the areas of your life, but then focus more closely on 2 or 3 areas you would like to make changes in.  Then you choose an exciting goal for each of these and we will work together to draw up an action plan of the steps you need to take to achieve these goals.

In this session, we will explore:
•  all areas of your life - relationships, career, fun and recreation, money,
friends, family, personal growth, contribution
•  how happy you are with your life the way it is right now
•  where you really want to be
•  what is important to you
•  all the different options you have to move towards your goals
•  resources you have to help you achieve your goals

You can take this information away from the session and work towards your goals on your own or you can choose to continue coaching with me. It is entirely up to you.

The price for this initial exploration session is £40 and all continuing coaching sessions are £65 an hour, although I offer discounted rates when you purchase a program (package of sessions) in advance.  (See Pricing)

If you would like to have a chat with me or get started straight away with your exploration and book your Launch Pad Session please fill in the contact form or give me a call now on: 07986 282711

Once you have had a Launch Pad session you may like to continue working on your goals with me or choose new exciting goals to work on, in which case you can book one of the following programs:

Blast off!
This program of 4 coaching sessions of 1 hour each will really get your life, goals and projects moving forward.

To the moon and back
This is a program of 12 1 hour coaching sessions that will help you fully achieve all the goals you set out to achieve.

Ad hoc
These are one off sessions you can book as and when you need them once you have completed a coaching program.