About Me

“Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Woo hoo! What a ride!"  (Mavis Leyrer, age 83)


My Mission Statement

My mission is to inspire, motivate and support women to live the most sensational lives they can possibly dream.


My Coaching Credentials

Fully Accredited Life Coach with Diploma in Life Coaching (Distinction) from The Coaching Academy in the UK, the leading coach training provider in the UK and Europe’s largest coach training organisation.
• Qualified Corporate Coach with a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership Mentoring
and Executive Coaching from The Institute of Leadership and Management in the UK.
• Certified Personal Branding Strategist through Reach™, USA, an 
International Coaching Federation approved training program.
• Licensed Avatar® Master with Star’s Edge International, USA.

N.B.  I work under the standards of the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.


My Life So Far ...

Born in Wales, grew up in London, lived in Paris and then Toronto for a few years, now living back in London.

After a degree in one of my favourite subjects, History, I went into Investment Banking, which I have to admit to loving – I loved the fast pace and being surrounded by bright, motivated people. I am also a qualified bookkeeper and have worked as a bookkeeper on a freelance basis for the last 10 years, as I love working with figures. – Someone’s got to!

I have always had an interest in personal development and have been on this path for 20 years, taking me through things like Anthony Robbins, The Journey, Avatar®, Reiki and even overtone Mongolion chanting!  I came to coaching through taking a course myself and seeing the massive, wonderful changes the friends I made were making in their lives and their incredible energy and enthusiasm for life.  This support group helped me make some fantastic changes in my own life and I realised this was something I wanted to give to others – the inspiration, motivation and support to turn their lives around or take a completely different life direction. I have naturally always been coaching, encouraging those around me to live their dreams. I have a passionate desire to help other people achieve their dreams and I enjoy working with people who want more from life, who want to step off the usual path and who want to create more wealth for themselves.  And I truly believe that everyone has the potential to achieve absolutely anything they want!


Things I enjoy:

Giggles with my 2 children, sitting on the grass in the sun, swimming in pure water, board games (love Cashflow and still love Monopoly!), going to the theatre (particularly The Globe in London), going to jazz concerts (particularly if my sax player husband is playing!), swing dancing (as long as I don’t trip up the dancers dancing beside me! (it has happened!)), travelling (particularly to Australia and Paris) and I am still planning to finally finish my Private Pilot’s License one day and have an ambition to have my own little plane.


 My Commandments

1.    Be grateful.
2.    Be friendly.
3.    Be approachable.
4.    Be involved.
5.    Play with my children.
6.    Let it go, all of it.
7.    Do it now and finish it.
8.    Be of service.
9.    Eat. Play. Dance.
10.  Relax.
11.  Let the washing up wait.
12.  Get my haircut.
13.  Enjoy the journey.
14.  Be Me.
15.  Be happy.