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•  What happens in a coaching session?
•  How does coaching work?
•  How many sessions will I need?
•  How often should I have a session? 
•  Can I have a trial session?


What happens in a coaching session?

A coaching session is like a conversation. But it is a focused conversation on the topic you wish to explore. It is up to you what topic you would like to look at in each session and the ‘conversation’ will flow from that, loosely following a coaching format. Each session will evolve in a way that is right for you. You will be do most of the talking, while I listen and ask you questions that will help bring you the insights you need to help you move forward. We will do some exercises if appropriate and discuss your goals and options for achieving them. We will design an action plan of steps for you to take to help move towards your goals(s), so there will be some ‘homeplay’ for you to do between sessions. In the following sessions we will look at your progress with your action plan since the last session and discuss steps you may still need to take to keep moving towards your goal.


How does coaching work?

Coaching sessions can take place either face to face if you live in London, or by telephone or skype if you live outside London or internationally. Sessions are usually for 60 minutes and you speak with your coach at pre-arranged times every week, bi-weekly or monthly.

Coaching works by raising your awareness of any problems or issues you may have. It starts on the assumption that you are the expert of yourself and your life and that you have the resources within you to resolve your issues yourself. Your coach will help you to access those resources by using techniques such as effective questioning, whereby the coach asks thought-provoking questions that elicit very helpful answers. Your coach has the skills to draw your answers out of you and enable you to uncover your own wisdom and encourages you to find your own solutions and develop your own strategies for dealing with issues.

Through coaching you can explore your limiting beliefs. These are things you believe deep down to be true that may be holding you back from creating your ideal life. Uncovering these self-limiting beliefs is necessary so that they can be eliminated from your subconscious so that they are no longer a barrier to achieving your goals. A way to discover any self-limiting beliefs you may hold is to write a list of some of your goals and then write beside each one a few reasons why you have not accomplished this goal or even started to make it happen. These reasons are probably limiting beliefs and exploring them will help you to dissolve them which will help you move towards your goals.

Coaching will also help you to become more aware of your internal dialogue with yourself and then you can begin to change it if necessary. You may unconsciously be saying negative things to yourself during the course of a normal day, and these statements might be having a powerful effect of creating your reality the way it is.

Through the coaching conversations, powerful questioning, exercises, various tools and techniques, and reflection, your coach supports you as you move towards achieving your goal, helping keep you focused and on track and to overcome any challenges while working towards your goal.


How many sessions will I need?

That’s up to you and depends on what you will be working on. Coaching can last as long as you want, but it usually lasts between 4 and 12 sessions, which seems to be a good amount to really move you forwards. Some people come to coaching for a particular issue but then continue coaching on other issues once they realize how powerful coaching is. Or two or three sessions may be all you need to really turn your life around or help with a particular challenge. And you can always come back for sessions whenever you want.

We will both sense when it is time to end the coaching sessions, which may be when a goal has been accomplished or simply when you are ready to continue moving forward on your own.


How often should I have a session?

You can have sessions as often as you like and as suits you best with your schedule, but at the beginning of the coaching process, it may be most productive to have sessions once a week as a kick start to moving forward fast and to get a good momentum going. Then sessions could become once every two weeks or once a month. And then you may like ‘top up’ sessions just from time to time, maybe one every 6 months or once a year.


Can I have a trial session?

I offer a 'Launch Pad Session', which is a 90 minute exploration session, in which we explore many areas of your life and uncover 2 or 3 exciting goals you would like to work on and draw up an action plan for achieving them.  As well as having some goals to work towards, this session gives you a feel for how coaching can benefit you and a feel for whether I might be the right coach for you to work with towards achieving those goals.  The price of this exploration session is £40.

To book your Launch Pad Session now, please fill in the contact form or call me on: 07986 282711